About our services

AOA Technology Partners delivers agile, sprint-based teams that offer a range of services ideal to suit nearly any sized cloud/mobile digital product initiative. Our services and experience spans the spectrum of product conceptualization, digital design, rapid-prototyping, full-stack systems development, technology architecture planning and ongoing operations. Our US-based leadership team, together with our in-house, English-fluent, nearshore managers, analysts, engineers, and architects, collaborate seamlessly with you and your teams to provide concierge-level service at a fraction of typical on-shore rates.

Product Ideation

We turn your concept into reality.

We don't just build your solutions, we work together with you to help define them and shepherd them through the ideation process. Our team of solution architects, product specialists, business analysts, user experience researchers and developers, and user interface designers workshop solutions collaboratively with your team to identify use cases, define requirements, and quickly prototype concepts in a way that will have you touching your product and iterating on its design in days, not months.

Product Design & Delivery

Our team executes on your vision.

Product creation (concept to completion) is a cornerstone service for our company. We build platform solutions and technologies that are intuitive to use, enterprise-class in design, and align to defined business objectives. Our team executes in sprint-cycles that include multiple points of iteration, moving swiftly to conduct user experience research, implement low-resolution mockups, and advance these forward to full-scale user interface designs. Designs are interactive and include all assets expected by engineering team resources during the development process. Teams are resource-balanced to allow for a seamless transition from design to development.

Mobile Design & Development

Our experts create a world-class mobile experience.

The vast majority of our clients have a mobile-first approach when it comes to their products and technology platforms. The AOA team has extensive experience optimizing designs that focus on the "why" and intent behind mobile interactions and not feature maximization. The result is a world-class mobile experience that is purposeful in nature and promotes usability. Our nearshore mobile development resources have expertise in both native iOS and Android, and often utilizes cross-functional platforms such as Flutter or React to drastically reduce multi-device product offerings.

Customized Solutions

We adapt to your specific needs.

When your project doesn’t fit neatly into any other box, our US-based Executive Team and Nearshore Managers will adapt and configure teams comprised with the specific skill sets needed to reach your unique objectives. With resources in over 21 individual competencies, our team is well equipped to provide business and technical support for any sized initiative.

Digital Outsourcing

We extend the capabilities of your existing Digital Team.

Often times the product set is well known and it's a matter of simply expanding on execution velocity and output. When flexibility is required to address special projects or overflow workload, AOA stands ready to provide support in numerous digital disciplines. Our solutions provide the competency you need with greater flexibility than bringing on additional headcount and has years of experience working side-by-side with internal teams in seamless fashion. Furthermore, our flexible teaming model allows you to scale up or down with the needs of your business.