Our Value

AOA Technology Partners combines onshore strategic vision and advisory leadership with cost-effective nearshore project execution.

Save 50% to 70% Versus Domestic Digital Solutions

Our nearshore team is based in the Americas and operates in US Time Zones, allowing for convenient communication and real-time project coordination.

AOA’s domestic advisory leadership team collaborates with you as a value-add service, providing strategic guidance during the project initiation phase and on an as needed basis throughout your engagement.

Best of all, this structure allows you to only pay for deliverables and nothing more – typically resulting in 50% to 70% savings versus domestic full-service digital consulting.

AOA Project Team Strategy

AOA’s project teams run in two week dedicated sprints comprised of between 200 and 500 total man-hours depending on the project requirements and team configuration.

Teams are comprised of seasoned colleagues who have worked alongside one another for years and delivered numerous projects together. They work cohesively as a unit and anticipate one-another’s needs based on their collective experience.


Advisory Leadership That is Here To Serve

AOA Technology Partners was created “by Founders for Founders" to serve startups through large-cap enterprises.

We understand that getting the proper value for your product development budget can be challenging. That’s why we established our unique engagement model... to allow you to get the nearshore digital specialists you need at a cost-effective price, yet still having senior leadership oversight at key project stages without having to pay steep premiums for on-shore support.

It’s the best of both worlds.

Let us know how we can help you with your project!